How It Works
  This home-study - Correspondence course uses my book together with downloadable course materials that are on this website.  The advantages of learning by this method are: you work at your own pace, and you are not competing with other students. Also, you can receive my individualized attention and help as you progress.

People will be amazed when they see that you can do calligraphy!

The Basics
My Book        A Calligraphy Fountain Pen   A Bottle of Ink
calligraphy book pen ink

You'll need a copy of my best-selling book, Calligraphy For Dummies. It is 314 pages full of helpful information and one of the most comprehensive books on calligraphy in print. It will guide you from the beginning steps up to the level of becoming an accomplished calligrapher. You will learn 6 alphabets and many variations. The book covers everything you need to know about creating name tags, monograms, posters, greeting cards, quotations, and many, many other projects.

For the beginning lessons, you will need a calligraphy fountain pen and a bottle of ink. The Manuscript Deluxe pen set and Pelikan 4001 black ink are my recommendations. These are excellent products and fairly inexpensive.

All the practice pages and my introductory instruction videos can be downloaded free of charge from this website.

As you progress, you may e-mail me with any questions you might have. I can also provide you with in-depth critiques of your work, if you want. I'll answer questions by e-mail at no charge, but there is a charge for doing a critique of your work.
Calligraphy lessons by
                              Correspondence, e-learning, distance
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                              Correspondence, e-learning, distance
You will learn how to make letters exactly like these!

Whether you want to develop a business and earn an income with your new skill or simply want to write calligraphy for personal reasons, I know of no more affordable or more powerful way than my personal and in-depth lessons where you progress at your own pace, at your own schedule, without leaving your home.

To view my 3-minute video introduction CLICK HERE

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